About Belfast

Belfast City is by far the largest and most cosmopolitan city in the North of Ireland. The capital of Northern Ireland was the only city in Ireland's shipbuilding, linen and tobacco industries made it a very wealthy city.

Today, Belfast is busily reinventing itself. Recent developments in the peace process have seen a whole new face open in the city. The night life has grown with a range of new bars and restaurants opening in the city. Trendy cafes, bars and restaurants are springing up everywhere alongside new apartment blocks and sports complexes.

Travelling to Belfast by ferry

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Visit the following attractions

Ulster Museum

In the Botanic Gardens - it's collections include contemporary international art and Irish art.. Perhaps the best known collection is the gold and silver jewellery recovered by divers in 1968 from the Spanish Armada treasure ship Girona, wrecked off the Giant's Causeway in 1588.

Crown Liquor Saloon

Belfast's most famous pub, the Crown Liquor Saloon, once a railway hotel, has been restored by the conservationist National Trust.

Botanic Gardens

The Palm House dates from 1839, an elegant structure of curved glass and cast iron recently renovated. In the Tropical Ravine, plants grow in a sunken glen.

For latest news and events visit www.gotobelfast.com.

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